Contributors: September 2001

From the Top
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Doug and Kelley Lewis tackle one of the most challenging jobs at SKI Magazine¿running the junior ski test out of their home base of Sugarbush, Vt. If anyone has the credentials to squeeze cooperation and commitment from 15 hyper kids, it's Doug and Kelley. During his eight years with the U.S. Ski Team, Doug captured a bronze medal in the 1985 World Championship downhill at Bormio, Italy. But he's perhaps most proud of winning the Mad River Glen Vertical Challenge, in which he yo-yoed 28 laps on the area's vaunted single chair. Kelley was on the Canadian national development team and helps Doug run their Eliteteam fitness camps. Both serve as hosts for RSN, and Doug will provide the on-site voice for the 2002 Olympic speed events. They live with two pet pigs (Mo and Curly) in a 202-year-old farmhouse with the best views in the Mad River Valley.

To give our Buyers Guide a technical feel, SKI hired freelance photographer Brooks Freehill to shoot this season's hottest gear. Wielding a four-by-five camera, Brooks cross-processed the large format film to add contrast, boost the color and, in his words, "make it sexy." When we last featured Brooks as a contributor, he was a dedicated snowboarder, but he's since come back over to the ski side. "We were given two legs for a reason," Brooks says. "Why not use 'em both? I love skiing now." Ditto for all the new gear. "I was checking everything out, and asking the art director if she could help me get some of this cool stuff." When he's not skiing or shooting, Brooks has become hooked on rally racing, driving his VW Sirocco at up to 110 mph, feeding his need for speed both on and off the hill.