Coping With Killington: Killington's Missing Link

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Killington 1104

The mountain is one of

the best in the East. The snow is reliably good. And the access-road party scene takes no prisoners. So what has Killington lacked since it opened in 1958? A base village that keeps pace with the rest of the operation. That's about to change, says Killington President Allen Wilson. As the result of a new partnership with a Texas-based real estate company, Killington is at last ready to fully develop its base area. Killington's new village and various ski-in/ski-out residential units will rise on multiple parcels totalling 469 acres spread across the resort. Wilson foresees a 10-year effort that will essentially reinvent Killington. Details are pending, but the village has received preliminary state approval. It'll be a mix of commercial and residential space centered around a town square, or "forum," in what is now the Snowshed parking lot. Wilson, who's been at Killington long enough to remember the village plan that founder Preston Smith proposed in the '60s, admits it's overdue. "When you look at Killington, the opportunities are unsurpassed. It's the biggest hill, but with minimal slopeside development. Now we're ready to make it happen."



Killington 1104

Coping With Killington

Some complain it's crowded, commercial and crass. But Killington is among the East's most popular resorts For a reason. Our visit finds expansive slopes, wicked steeps, and-if you know where to look-a surprising amount of soul.