Copper Cop Tagged Picabo


Denver, CO, Nov. 15, 2001 (AP by Solomon Banda)–Picabo Street was kicked off the mountain for skiing too fast.

The Olympic gold medalist and other members of the U.S. ski team were practicing Nov. 3 at Copper Mountain Ski Resort. She was stopped when she went onto an intermediate run.

“She wasn’t out of control,” resort spokeswoman Beth Jahnigen said Wednesday. “Given the number of people in a small area, they felt it was too fast. The patrol who stopped her didn’t even know who she was.”

Jahnigen did not know how fast Street was skiing.

Street was asked not to ski the rest of the day. She has since been at the resort training for the Feb. 8-24 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

“She was in the wrong and the action that was taken was appropriate and we apologized to the mountain,” ski team spokesman Tom Kelly said.

Street won a silver medal at the 1994 Lillehammer Games and a gold in the super-G at the 1998 Nagano Games. A month later she broke a leg and shattered a knee during a race in Switzerland.

In Street’s recent autobiography she writes about being an 18-year-old rebel who despised exercise and authority, and who was kicked off the U.S. ski team in 1990 for being out of shape.