Could I really strike it rich as a ski instructor at a fancy resort?

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Yes, if you're willing to become one of the all-star teachers who make a wad by mouthing glorified updates of "Bend ze knees, five dollars please in private lessons for Fortune 500 punters. Said instructors tend to be experienced, smooth, articulate folks who recognize the names of East Coast prep schools—and convince stinking-rich clients to treat them like honorary ski-town friends. Suddenly they're raking in $100-a-day tips just for buckling clients' boots or hanging with their kids while the parents go shopping. "Teaching paid my way through college—tuition, rent, a new car, says one all-star from a famously wealthy Colorado resort, who wishes to remain in gratuities and, hence, anonymous. "Plus, they wine and dine you all day. Sure, rival instructors may refer to such upwardly mobile teachers as "baby-sitters, "ass-kissers, or worse, but they're just jealous because they drank their tips away the night before.