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As a skier, you probably have a fond memory of a special mountain dwelling. Maybe it’s a funky renovated farmhouse in the White Mountains, a miner’s shack high above Crested Butte or an old logging cabin outside of Whistler. Whatever it is, The Cabin will inspire you with simple, creative ways to build your fantasy hide-out.

What you won’t find in the book are the drafty, run-down cabins that you may remember from your earliest ski vacations. The cabins in the book provide unique ideas for those who are interested in recreating the romance of yore while maintaining the style,convenience and craftsmanship they’ve become accustomed to. The Cabin depicts an array of architectural styles and cabin types¿from a contemporary dogtrot built outside of Baton Rouge, La., to a 24-foot by 32-foot kit barn that was constructed by the owners and a few friends on a 10-acre parcel on Whidbey Island, Wash.

The dogtrot is a timeless southern-style design consisting of two buildings (or two halves of a building) separated by an open breezeway and covered by a roof. The breezeway acts as a covered porch, open to the fresh air, but protected from the sun. Catching every hint of wind, the construction is a proven Southern method for obtaining maximum air circulation during steamy Louisiana summers. The updated version, illustrated and designed by Stephen Atkinson, features corrugated translucent siding and a simple stylish kitchen. The building lends itself to an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and wouldn’t be out of place in an aspen grove near Steamboat, Colo.

With 37 wonderfully unique structures depicted, The Cabin captures a form of architecture that’s been described as an American icon. Throw in detailed four-color photos, floor plans and an in-depth look at what makes these small structures work, and you have the perfect book for any skier who dreams of building the perfect escape.

The Cabin: Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway (Dale Mulfinger, Susan E. Davis, $34.95, Taunton Press, 203-426-8171, www.taunton.com).