Crested Butte Mayor Proclaims 'Our Attitude is Adjusted'

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GUNNISON-CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. March 25, 2004 (by Jim Schmidt, Mayor of Crested Butte) — The Town of Crested Butte is throwing a party on Saturday night, April 3, 2004. There will be dancing in the streets when two local bands, the Space Janitors and Gronk, will be playing from 5:45 pm until about 9:00 pm. Elk Avenue will be closed off between Second Street and Third Street. The latest ski movie from Matchstick Productions, our own local renown film crew, and "Ghost Town Skiers a movie showing a rare look at Crested Butte in 1970 will be shown outside on the big screen mounted on the front of the Bacchanale restaurant on Elk Avenue.

The evening will be kicked off by the Flauschink Parade at 5:00pm. Flauschink is the traditional Crested Butte spring festival of renewal, the flushing out of the winter's worries and woes with the welcoming of the halcyon days of spring when hope springs eternal.

The "My attitude is finally adjusted! Party is just the right tonic for the citizens of the Valley who, let's face it, have had some tough years. There are an abundance of smiles about town and an optimism that hasn't been seen for years so what the heck, let's throw ourselves a little party. Let's celebrate because we like to celebrate. Let's party because we like to party. Let's welcome the Mueller's and toast to a new era in Crested Butte. Let's drink to our resilience and our good fortune to live in this most incredible and special place. Let's dance in the streets because we can!

Lock up your dogs, cats, and grandmothers because there will be fireworks going off around 7:15pm to 7:30pm and we don't want any of them to run away. Heaven knows we have barely enough dogs in town. The music will be loud enough to be heard about town but, hey, we only have a party like this every 33 years or so and I missed the last one.

Each and every person in the county, and any other good fellow who might happen to be in town, is invited to join the festivities on Saturday, April 3rd as Crested Butte boogies on Elk. It should be a lot of fun!