Death at Outdoor Retailer


Salt Lake City, UT, August 12--The tornado that ripped through downtown Salt Lake City yesterday claimed the life of Allen Crandy, a Las Vegas man who worked for Renaissance Management, an exhibitor at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Crandy, 38, was struck in the head with flying debris. Dozens of other exhibitors setting up for the show under the tents were also injured.

In the meantime, Miller Freeman, organizer of the show, has announced that the industry gathering will open a day late on August 13. Authorities have inspected the Salt Palace convention center and declared it safe for use. Many of the suppliers who had booths under the demolished tent have returned to find everything destroyed. As a result, the larger exhibitors housed in the convention center have offered space inside their booths.

Updates from the show will be posted on SAM's Website throughout the show.