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The Wobbly Barn’s 40th Anniversary: Killington, VT, December 19-21

Maybe you haven’t personally misbehaved latenight at the Wobbly Barn, but chances are you’ve heard a few rumors about New England’s legendary après-ski destination. They’re all true. The staff does routinely party-proof the rickety place by duct taping liquor bottles and glasses to the wall, and the chandeliers can swing so wildly when the dance floor gets rocking that some employees have resorted to wearing hard hats. “When we get full to capacity,” says Bobby Peterson, a Barn tender in his 10th season, “and people are jumping and dancing and hanging from the rafters, you know there’s a reason it’s called the Wobbly Barn.”And that’s just on normal nights. Should you choose to attend the club’s three-day 40th anniversary party, expect the usual barn swaying along with live music, liquored-up old-timers, and an obscene amount of free-flowing booze. Plan on a wicked hangover.

Pro Nationals of SnowboardingBreckenridge, co, December 12-14

When the sport’s nerviest hucksters converge in Breck for the first leg of the Vans Triple Crown, the town fully awakens from its off-season slumber. Best place to get your midriff signed by a Red Bull-and-Vodka-addled Olympic hottie Sherpa and Yeti’s on Main Street.

Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade and Ice ShowSun Valley, ID, December 24

Okay, so it’s G-rated, but Sun Valley’s 50-year-old Christmas Eve celebration is one of the classic events in skidom. After the ice show catch the torchlight descent down Bald Mountain and fireworks display. Bring a few hot toddies.