Deer Valley May Lose Olympic Event


Salt Lake City, UT Dec. 3--In order to have the downhill and slalom events of the combined races at the same venue on the same day, international race officials have asked the Salt Lake organizers to move the slalom event from Deer Valley to Snowbasin. Traditionally, the two events have been held at separate venues on different days. But after a successful experiment at Vail's Alpine World Championships last year where race officials held the women's combined events all in one day, they are convinced that the new format will help boost spectator attendance and television ratings.

Deer Valley officials are not concerned with the potential change of venue as they have enough on their plate hosting six Olympic events including men's and women's regular slalom, men's and women's freestyle aerials and men's and women's freestyle moguls.

A final decision will be made at a December 10 meeting of the International Olympic Committee's executive board.