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Designer Donna Karan Injures Knee


New York, N.Y. April 3, 2002 (AP)--Fashion designer Donna Karan is doing some mending of her own after injuring her knee while helicopter skiing.

The accident happened Friday in Idaho's Sun Valley. Karan returned to New York on Sunday and had surgery Monday, said spokeswoman Patti Cohen.

The designer will need extensive physical therapy and will be on crutches for at least six weeks, Cohen said, but overall, Karan is ``doing well.''

Helicopter skiing--which allows people to take chopper rides to normally unreachable peaks for skiing on pristine snow--may sound dangerous, but Cohen said Karan wasn't doing anything risky.

``She's a very good skier,'' Cohen said. ``A fluke accident even can happen in line waiting for a chairlift.''

Karan is recovering at her Manhattan apartment. Cohen expects her to work from home for a while but said Karan likely will return to her office soon?using crutches as accessories.

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