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Disabled Athletes Find Confidence and Confidants

The Hartford Ski Spectacular-Lynn Deasey lesson

Breckenridge, CO, Dec. 8, 2000--Seven children from around the country who are permanently disabled from cancer joined over 700 skiers with disabilities and multitudes of supporters for The Hartford Ski Spectacular this week, Dec. 3-9 at Breckenridge Ski Resort. The event marks the largest winter sports festival for people living with physical disabilities.

The week includes ski and snowboard clinics, learn to instruct and continuing education clinics, a USSA-sanctioned GS race, a Fun Race, an adapted ski equipment expo, and many social events. Special guests include: Ted Kennedy, Jr., a former elite downhill skier and activist through his work as an attorney and lecturer for advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities; members of the US Disabled Ski Team; and seven children who are guests of Disabled Sports USA.

Disabled Vietnam veterans founded Disabled Sports USA in 1967 to provide opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities to gain confidence and dignity through sports, recreation, and educational programs. Kirk Bauer, executive director of DS/USA is a strong proponent of the power of sports in rehabilitation: "We're pleased to sponsor this camp to show...that sports and recreation rebuilds lives torn apart by disability."

For more information about Disabled Sports USA, contact 301-217-0960 or check out www.dsusa.org.