Do boxer shorts and bumps mix?

Ask Dr. Flake

Worried about jewels-a-janglin’? It’s a legitimate concern, given that many jocks wear jocks for less bumpy sports than mogul skiing. (A political reporter assures me that California’s new governor wore one on the campaign trail.) Support is never a bad idea. Dr. Flake figures when it comes to mogul skiing, go with the briefs, unless you’re trying to procreate, in which case go with boxers for their breezy, sperm-friendly environs. But Dr. Flake wonders: Do you ski in Malibu? Me, well, I ski in cold weather and always wear long underwear-sans undergarments. And long johns, if you’re curious, have just been proven-by a quick test on Dr. Flake’s Mitch Gaylord-autographed mini-trampoline-to cup the stones a bit more than boxers and a smidge less than briefs.