Dominique Perret

All Stars 0204

The One-Man Show, 41

A PR firm unto himself, Swiss skier Dominique Perret hires photographers to shoot him, maintains rights to the images, and then turns around and sells them to advertisers. He designs his own skis and boots, owns his own production company, and writes about himself in glowing terms in European skiing magazines. While the unabashed self-promotion rankles his peers, pisses off photographers, and has left him with a reputation as the biggest head in skiing, all is forgiven because underneath it all the guy really is more go than show: "He's physically the strongest skier I've ever seen, says photographer Scott Markewitz. "I've seen better skiers, but none who can stick to their line and pull through stuff with more resolve than Dominique.

The Vision: "Skiing is turning into a zoo. Freeriding shouldn't be about a strange haircut, or a bad attitude. I don't know if real skiers want to see people spinning in the air or skiing backward. Real skiers go to the mountain.