"Don't Be That Guy"

Instructional videos for the uninformed. They're funny.
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Texas Tuck

You've all seen it. You've all cringed when a loved one does it. Send them this video anonymously and get the message across.

Ski Decapitator

Watch where you're going.

Ski Thrower

Because courtesy is something we should all consider, especially in the lift line.

Ski Knock Over

Karma will come back to haunt you for everything. Just don't let it be with broken skis.


This video needs no explanation.


Want to be my friend? Be quiet.

Extreme Green

I don't think you'll need that beacon on "Schoolmarm."

Chairlift Pimp

Casanovas, be warned. The only thing you'll pick up on a chairlift is some frostbite, if you're lucky.

Chairlift Groin Slammer

Look before you, er, drop.