Don't Miss the Show: Nissan Outdoor Games

A paraglider at the Nissan Outdoor Games.


- A film competition within an ambitious sporting event, including athletes, driven on by film-makers, in a five-day race against the clock; such is the original concept of the Nissan Outdoor Games. A unique event in its genre, these "Extreme Games" announce the make-up of the five teams selected for this, its fourth edition. With plenty of international athletes, each team will have to present a five-minute film on the 5th of July. The jury members will then have the difficult task of awarding prizes in the different categories.

This year, many international sportsmen applied to participate in the event; the five teams selected were chosen according to different criteria. The athletic standard of the team must be combined with the level of professionalism of the production team responsible for producing the still and video images. They will have five days in which to produce a five-minute film and a series of photos in the Interlaken region. The outdoor sports represented will be kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, paragliding and BASE jumping.

Such specialized work can only be judged by a jury of experts. Personalities known for their expertise in audiovisual and sporting fields will sit on the jury to select the winners, under the presidency of Mr. Nicolas Bideau, Head of the Cinema section at the OFC (Office Federal de la Culture).

Who will take home the "Aiguille d'Or" and the "Prize for the best photograph", the top awards for this unique festival? New awards for this year, the "Jury's Special Prize" and "Prize for Best Athletic Performance", with a total of $50,000 USD in prize-money.



Film Competition Scheduled for Outdoor Games Feb. 20

Following the growing success of the Nissan Outdoor Games, it has become THE event at the core of today’s action sports world.

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