DR. FLAKE: Is skiing backward really the future?


Chiropractors sure hope so. What could be better for the spinal-manipulation industry than a generation of skiers craning their necks over their shoulders and biffing on their skulls? The widespread appearance of twin tips suggests that the possibility of backward skiing is here to stay. But that doesn't mean we're all going fakie. Sure, it looks fine in the terrain park. But there's no need to ski switch in steeps, moguls, and on ungroomed terrain. Ask yourself this: If your caboose is leading the train, are you really putting your best face forward? Should we, in fact, call you ass-face? The whole fakie/switch thing reminds Flake of the ridiculous twirls of ski ballet. If you recall, ballet fell so far out of favor in skiing circles that freestyle contests were finally renamed "Acro." That said, Flake feels that another name change is in order. From now on, backward spins will be known simply as "Cindy."