DR FLAKE: Where's the best place to buy skis?

Ask Dr. Flake

From me! The good doctor could sell you a pair right now if the eBay police hadn’t blacklisted him. Not that Flake would buy boards over the Internet. Doing so robs one of the pleasure of bending and flexing skis one hasn’t paid for. Said ritual, of course, should be performed at a specialty ski shop. Ask for a K2 Seth Pistol at a massive chain retailer, and the clueless employee will probably escort you to the hunting department. At a specialty store (especially on a slow day), you’ll get expert advice from a salesperson who actually skis. True, boutique prices may be a few bucks higher than the chain and online outfits. But what comes around goes around, and you, John Q. Skier, will be better off for having gone to the little guy.