Dream Towns: Park City, Utah


In a state brimming with ski areas, Park City is Utah's only true ski town. If you live here, you might occasionally be awakened by the Town Chair lift as it squeaks overhead. So it's no surprise that the Park City lifestyle centers on the outdoors. But it's not all crampons and powder boards: A cosmopolitan worldliness permeates the town. Host to World Cup events and the Sundance Film Festival, Park City, over the course of a season, morphs from sleepy mountain settlement with lots of loose dogs into a multinational hub. In a single day you might see locals in tele boots and Himalayan beanies heading for Jupiter Peak; U.S. ski racers, lugers, and bobsledders training on Park City's slopes or at nearby Olympic facilities; or even the latest indie movie star posing on one of the narrow staircases, snowball in hand, hundreds of wooden steps leading to quaint mining houses in the background.

Unlike most mountain-resort towns, Park City sits only 30 minutes from a major metropolitan area and 40 from an international airport. It is easy to get to Park City, and easy to get away. So you can ski Gore-Tex clad by day and go clubbing in your Lycra-blend jumpsuit in Salt Lake City by night.

BUSINESS MOST NEEDED: a well-stocked newsstand.
DON'T FORGET TO PACK: a black leather coat, silk scarf, and beret to fit in with the Sundance crowd.

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Illustrated map of Park City, Utah

Ski Town: Park City, Utah

From its modest beginnings as a silver mining town, this burg has blossomed into a year-round hub for dining, lodging, culture, and of course, some of the best skiing in the west.