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Durango Plan Approved


Jan. 31, 2002-- Durango Mountain Resort has announced its 25-year development plan. The plan, which was approved by the joint San Juan and La Plata County Planning Commission in mid-January, calls for 1,649 units on 612 acres. The company hopes that this plan will create a destination resort in years to come.

The project calls for an expanded Purgatory Village Base Area and five new residential communities. Luxury hotels, lodges, resort condos, transfer lifts and recreational facilities are planned for the village while executive and estate homes will be built in five residential communities.

Durango Mountain Resort has tried to work with closely with the local community to ensure smooth passage of their plans and have focussed some of there efforts towards solving problems that big resort towns such as Aspen or Vail currently face. Durango hopes to expand in a way that keeps the town from being plagued by heavy traffic and a high cost of living for locals. Durago Mountain Resort wants to provide housing for a third of its employees. For every 10 free-market residential units built, one employee unit will be constructed.

The road to full approval is far from over. During the next few years there will be infrasture plans that need the blessing of future county commissions and each individual community effected by the planed growth with have a chance to say "yea" or "nay" to parts of the project that effect them.

"We're pleased, after so much work and effort by both County and resort staffs, to gain approval from the joint Planning Commission," said Durango Mountain Resort CEO Gary Derck, "but this is just the beginning of significant planning, with much more review and approval to come for this long-term project."

For more information visit Durango Mountain Resort.

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