Editors On The Move: Scott Gornall

Scott Gornall

What it do! Just got back from a photo shoot at nearby Copper Mountain. We're doing something new with our Last Chair photo, turning it into a Successories kinda thing. I don't want to reveal too much about the shoot-you'll see the results in the September 2006 issue-but let's just say props in the photos included a pair of 1982 Pre straight skis, a deli counter "Please Take a Ticket" thing, Saltines, and a vintage Dallas Cowboys Starter jacket. The Starter jacket and skis actually appear in a video we recently uploaded to the website called "Spring Break Gaper Safari." Check it out by clicking on the link below. It's a short slapsticky clip of Associate Editor Sam Bass acting like a real buffoon. Sam's like the love child of Shemp Howard and Benny Hill and had us all cracking up during the shoot. Look for more photos of Sam and our inspiring messages on the Last Chair page next season. And special thanks to Lauren Pelletreau and Carlos Garcia at Copper for their invaluable help on the shoot.

-Scott, March 28


Name: Heather Hansman, online editorAge: 26 Height: 5'9" Weight: 135Dream Skis: Couple of big steps for me this year: I’m going to buy a fatty pow ski, and I’m letting go of my long-held bias against  women-specific skis (what? I’m tall). The ski that’s breaking down all those walls? Volkl’s Kiku. It’s 106 underfoot with an early rise tip,   plus, it’ll be nice to have pretty skis for a change.Preferred Terrain: Trick question? Powder, either trees, or open steeps. A-Basin’s East Wall has my heart. Your go-to ski for the last few seasons, and why you ski it day after  day, year after year: Could be my East Coast roots, but I like a stiff ski with some side cut, so the Volkl Mantra is my go-to.  It rails on groomers and floats in just about everything. Maybe not a blower Alaska ski, but it’s a solid, fast, stable  everyday ski.  One ski goal for the season: Crested Butte Extremes, the tele edition. Also, wear my helmet every day.

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A-Basin Snowmaking Thumb

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