End of an Era


The slopeside row of Arapahoe Basin's Early Riser parking lot—a.k.a. the Beach—has lived up to the resort's self-given nickname, Legendary. Every spring, beer gets shotgunned, Frisbees fly, VWs backfire, and brats and tofu burgers get burned as badly as all the white skin on display. No longer. Citing safety concerns, property destruction, and an influx of garbage and human waste, A-Basin officials this past April decided to close the lot to over-night parking. But don't junk your portable keg-o-lator just yet. You can still party all day, and camping is allowed in two parking lots across the street—which, for obvious reasons, was of little consolation to diehards. "I bagged some hot snowboarder chicas there back in the day, says local Chet Ulmer. "I'll miss it.

Sept. 2004