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Exercise 3: Lower Back

Increase strength and flexibility in your lower back with these flexion exercises.
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Ski Fit 3: Yoga's Got Your Back

Backbending poses have the added bonus of increasing spinal flexibility. With strong back muscles and a flexible spine, you’ll be all set to ski.

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Exercise 2: The Bridge

The bridge will strengthen your glutes, abdominal and lower back muscles.

Reverse Lift

Ski Fitness: Back Burners

Three exercises to increase strength in your back and optimize your body for skiing.

Exercise 11: Upward Press

Use the "7-Stance" to work on your balance while increasing strength in your upper body.

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Exercise 4: Side Plank

The Side Plank is a static exercise for strengthening abdominals, back, and shoulder muscles.

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Exercise 1: The Plank

The Plank creates a stable environment on an unstable fitball, increasing your balance and stability to strengthen your core.

Exercise 8: The Twist Side Lunge

Mimic the motions of skiing and build strength by doing lateral lunges that focus on the lower body.


The Best Lower Back Braces

Back pain is one of the worst discomforts imaginable. Lower back braces are affordable and can get you back on your feet.