Exercise 7: Lunges - Ski Mag

Exercise 7: Lunges

Get your hamstrings, quads, and core tight with backwards lunges. These can also improve your balance.


Exercise 8: The Twist Side Lunge

Mimic the motions of skiing and build strength by doing lateral lunges that focus on the lower body.

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Exercise 5: Advanced Plank

Use the fitball to focus on stability and balance when strengthening your core.

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Exercise 1: The Plank

The Plank creates a stable environment on an unstable fitball, increasing your balance and stability to strengthen your core.

Exercise 11: Upward Press

Use the "7-Stance" to work on your balance while increasing strength in your upper body.

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Exercise 3: Lower Back

Increase strength and flexibility in your lower back with these flexion exercises.

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Exercise 2: The Bridge

The bridge will strengthen your glutes, abdominal and lower back muscles.

Exercise 10: Push-Ups

Combine the traditional push-up with a twist to increase strength and build core balance.