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Extreme Endurance Race a Success Down-Under


Coronet, New Zealand, Aug. 1--The Compaq 50K of Coronet, an extreme endurance race modeled on the 24 Hours of Aspen, delivered excitement through to the end as Germany and Canada went down to the wire with Germany ultimately taking the honors.

The two teams were on the same time at 51 laps, but the Germans edged away and held a slender lead to win the event in the 101st lap after 1 hour 25.4 seconds on the snow. The Canadians had a time of 1.26.01, and Australia grabbed the bronze with 1.26.47.

The fastest lap in this race of speed and endurance, 48.24 seconds, was clocked early in the evening by Canada. Average times for most of the race ranged between 50 and 53 seconds. The speed of the German team helped them capture not only the title but also the attention of the police as a radar gun recorded speeds near 130 km/h.

The adult race, which showcased eight teams of three speedsters each, raised $64,000 for the Cure Kids Charity. The children's version of the race, coined the BMW 5K, was held the day before the Compaq 50K and added another $6,000 to bring the total raised for the charity to $70,000.

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