Family Fun: 2nd Place

Pete York and Tucker have patrolled Squaw together for six years.Puppies at workYork tells me that he met Tucker when the dog was eight weeks old, and the pair have spent the six years since training together in avalanche rescue. “The dogs are another tool in the toolbox for organized rescue,” York says. “We use as many tools as possible to have the best possible outcome.”The handlers look for a puppy that is playful and high energy, unafraid of loud noises. As the dogs get older, the handler will start doing “runaways,” simple training exercises where he runs and hides behind a tree. They progress to “open coffin” runaways, being covered in snow, and eventually, live burials. Squaw Valley tests all of its dogs against the CARDA standards, which means any dog on the team is capable of finding a scented piece of clothing buried under 70 centimeters of snow over night in an area 100 meters square.

After spending day after day working together at Belvedere Mountain in the Italian Dolomites, these ski instructors pose for a "family" portrait with the Sasso Lungo in the distance.