Fires on the Mountains: Grand Targhee, WY

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Grand Targhee, WY

The Forest Service is recommending a land exchange that would give the ski area a private inholding of 195 acres within Targhee National Forest to build a base village with 970 units of lodging, a commercial center, more parking and more skier services. In return, developer Booth Creek Ski Holdings would give the government 385 acres of prime grizzly bear wetlands known as Squirrel Meadows, located 4 miles south of Yellowstone National Park. The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and Citizens for Teton Valley are fighting the swap, claiming that it is a ripoff of public resources and a license for unrestricted development at the ski area.

Local Contact:
Teton Basin Ranger District
PO Box 777
Driggs, Idaho 83401
(208)354-2312/fax (208)354-8505
Email: pbates/

Targhee National Forest Contact:
Supervisor's Office
420 N. Bridge St.
Box 208
St. Anthony, Idaho 83445
(208)624-3151/fax (208)624-4049