Flannels for Fall

Skiers and flannel shirts go together like Anna Wintour and Vogue– you can’t visit Breckenridge, Jackson, Whistler, or Snowbird without seeing herds of skiers clad in plaid. So, to ease your fall wish-list shopping, we’ve picked the best styles to wear skiing, to the bar and beyond.
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Fall Fashion

Winter's just around the bend, so get ready for that chilly autumn weather with these kicks, sweaters, beanies, and more.

If you want everyone to know you are eagerly anticipating your trip to Mt. Hood, then you need a closet of tall tees, the brighter the better. To really drive your point home, accessorize with some SkullCandy headphones. With the help of your goggle tan, people should get your priorities right away. Just make sure your shorts are slightly longer than your tee.

Summer Ski Steez

How are people going to know how big you can go when you can’t wear your beacon and your boots to the bar? Here’s how.

These high-tech Gore-Tex Pro Shell three-layers gloves are so dexterous, you can lift up a sewing needle with them. Not that you'll ever need to do that while skiing, but still. The fingers are molded and articulated using a patented technology that feels almost skin-like. They come with a removable Polartec Wind Pro liner and are completely storm-proof. Buy them next fall at www.arcteryx.com.

New Gear: The Coolest Stuff Out Next Fall

A lightweight carbon-fiber helmet. A glove that can pick up a sewing needle. Swedish sunglasses. Kids' rockered skis. Start saving now: You're going to want some of this new gear for next winter's ski season.