From Ski Bum to Top Gun

Top Gun

The mission: Show Warren Miller's newest release,


to the men and women aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz. The result: Anthony not only gave a piece of home to the troops, he gained a new appreciation for the people who protect the democracy of the U.S. Anthony recalls the eye-opening experience with awe, "It was incredible to stand on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and watch the young men and women train in the finest capacity amidst one of the single most fascinating manmade things I have ever seen. The magnitude of the carrier combined with the dedication of the troops was captivating. Anthony recalls "the pitch-black night watching pilots risk their lives to land their planes on a moving runaway in the middle of the ocean. "

Check out the video links below for a glimpse of the event.

Warren Miller's upcoming feature film will go on tour Fall of 2005.

VIDEO: Chris Anthony's Trip to the USS Nimitz:




VIDEO: IMPACT trailer: Quicktime or Windows