Here’s the scenario: I am following a skier half my age down a high-speed groomer in Stowe, Vermont. He hits a little kicker and lands it gracefully. Before I can change my trajectory and non-chalantly avoid, my skis are in the air. I land hard, on my butt. But it doesn’t hurt. That’s because I have G-Form’s new Crash Shorts under my ski pants. With low profile shock absorbing pads on the hips, thighs and tailbone, only my ego is bruised in the fall.

G-Form uses a blend of Poron and its own special sauce to make its protective padding. The blend absorbs 90% of the impact of your crash landing. It works like D30—the material stiffens within a fraction of a second of impact--but it’s lower profile, molds better to your body, and the shorts, two shirts and various elbow, knee and shin pads are washable. G-Form’s pads are hinged for maximum comfort. They bend when you bend—whether it’s a knee or an elbow.

Need convincing that this stuff works? Check out G-Form’s video of a base jumper dropping a G-Form-protected iPhone from 1000 feet.

And here’s one of an iPad in a G-Form case falling 100,000 feet from space without breaking.

$80 for the shorts, $40-$100 for the shirts, g-form.com.

-Berne Broudy