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Whether you're looking for ornamental sculpture or architectural enhancements, Get Bent LLC can forge you a treasure. A one-man show, ironworker Ben Eaton fashions everything from furniture to fireplace grates to door-knockers. All of the work is commissioned, so every piece is an original.

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from St. Lawrence University in upstate New York, Eaton moved west to coach young ski racers at Ski Club Vail. Before ski season, Eaton searched for work related to his studies. Steve Zorichak, the only listed blacksmith in the Yellow Pages, offered Eaton some work. "I just got struck by lightning last week," Zorichak told him. "If you're here in 10 minutes, you've got a job."

After a three-year apprenticeship under Zorichak, Eaton took his skills and know-how to Crested Butte to start his own business. Since inception, Get Bent has succeeded, remarkably, by word-of-mouth alone.

Although Eaton is more passionate about sculpting, architectural projects are what pay his bills. "Either way," he says, "my ultimate goal is just to make enough to be able to ski and sculpt."

Currently, the lion's share of Eaton's work is in the Rockies, but he's not opposed to travel to work on-site. He charges a flat fee of $55 per hour including materials. He says, "I love a challenge. I'm willing to try to make anything. And so far, I've always succeeded at making my customers happy."

Contact: Ben Eaton, 970-641-5932 or email him at