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Be Strong

Xertube A lifting circuit in a bag. Using resistance instead of weight, you can target your glutes and quads with squats and lunges, your biceps with curls, and your lats with doorjamb pulldowns. To boost your workout, switch resistance levels from yellow (easiest) all the way up to purple. luggage space: 44—53 inches long, 0.75 pounds info: $5—8; leighcrews.com.

Fit Ball body therapy ball When ski training makes your quads—and lower back—tighter than Britney Spears' jeans, just flip on the TV and do the Fit Ball body roll. Using your bodyweight to get down deep, roll the ball along achy muscles to release muscle tension. luggage space: 5—7 inches in diameter, 0.75 pounds info: $10; balldynamics.com.

Nike acg Air Switchblades Nike got together with Wyoming's Exum guides to concoct a collapsible approach shoe that has a stiff shank for trail stability, a boulder-gripping sole, and a cushy rear for sidewalk slamming. Both shoes scrunched are the size of one normal running shoe. luggage space: Four inches thick, 1.5 pounds info: $70; nikeacg.com.