Goetschl Wins Altenmarkt Super G


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Altenmarkt, Austria Jan. 16–Renate Goetschl and Tanja Schneidertook some of the steam out of Austrian media yips for better speedresults from the women’s team Sunday as they finished 1-2 in a World Cupsuper G. Kirsten Clark (Raymond, ME) led the young U.S. speed group forthe second day in a row, finishing 23rd.

The 11th World Cup victory of Goetschl’s career came in 1:29.14 withSchneider runnerup in 1:29.43. Regina Haeusl of Germany – who was secondSaturday in the downhill – took third place in 1:29.55. It was just thefourth super G of the winter, the first in nearly a month – since Dec.19 in St. Moritz (when Clark also led the U.S. racers, finishing 20th).

Clark’s time was 1:31.43 with Jonna Mendes (Heavenly, CA) 35th, AlisonPowers (Winter Park, CO) 45th and Caroline Lalive (Steamboat Springs,CO) a DNF.

“We were expecting more,” said U.S. Head Coach Marjan Cernigoj. “Butthis was the first downhill and super G in a while, so we got goodtraining and we look to pick it up in Cortina Italy next weekend.We’re shooting for top 20s and Kirsten was 22nd Saturday and now 23rd,and she’s got some good things going for Cortina; we understand thesnow’s good there, so we’ll take some pluses from here and go.”

The women have a busy lineup for Cortina Jan. 21-23 with downhill, SGand giant slalom.

CAFE de COLOMBIA ALPINE WORLD CUPAltenmarkt, AUT – Jan. 16Women’s SG1. Renate Goetschl, Austria, 1:29.142. Tanja schneider, Austria, 1:29.433. Regina Haeusl, Germany, 1:29.554. Martina Ertl, Germany, 1:29.605. Mojca Suhadolc, Slovenia, 1:29.766. Michaela Dorfmeister, Austria, 1:29.797. Regine Cavagnoud, France, 1:29.828. Warwara Zelenskaja, Russia, 1:29.879. Brigitte Obermoser, Austria, 1:30.2410. (tie) Melanie Turgeon, Canada, and Petra Haltmayer, Germany, 1:30.31each12. Ingrid Jacquemod, France, 1:30.4613. Melanie Suchet, France, 1:30.4714. Marianna Salchinger, Austria, 1:30.5715. Alessandra Merlin, Italy, 1:30.5816. Corinne Rey-Bellet, Switzerland, 1:30.6517. Stefanie Schuster, Austria, 1:30.6818. Sybille Brauner, Germany, 1:30.8619. Isolde Kostner, Italy, 1:30.8920. Karen Putzer, Italy, 1:31.0121. Selina Heregger, Austria, 1:31.2822. Christiane Mitterwallner, Austria, 1:31.4123. (tie) Kirsten Clark, Raymond, Maine, and Corinne Imlig,Switzerland,1:31.43 each25. Carole Montillet, France, 1:31.4726. Martina Lechner, Austria, 1:31.5927. Daniela Ceccarelli, Italy, 1:31.6528. (tie) Spela Bracun, Slovenia, and Lucia Recchia, Italy, 1:32.0030. Marianne Brechu, France, 1:32.13 -35. Jonna Mendes, Heavenly, Calif., 1:32.4145. Alison Powers, Winter Park, Colo., 1:33.89DNF; Caroline Lalive, Steamboat Springs, Colo. –Cafe de Colombia Alpine World CupWomen’s Overall (21 races)1. Dorfmeister, 725 points2. Goetschl, 6863. Kostner, 5054. Cavagnoud, 4795. Sonja Nef, Switzerland, 4766. Janica Kostelic, Croatia, 4207. Anita Wachter, Austria, 4008. Ertl, 3979. Trine Bakke, Norway, 39010. Spela Pretnar, Slovenia, 38911. Hilde Gerg, Germany, 37612. Putzer, 37413. Anja Paerson, Sweden, 37214. Christel Saioni, France, 37115. Schneider, 360 -40. Kristina Koznick, Burnsville, Minn., 13842. Sarah Schleper, Vail, Colo., 13067. Mendes, 4768. Lalive, 4372. Clark, 36104. Tasha Nelson, Mound, Minn., 6 -Women’s Super G (4 races)1. Goetschl, 2142. Kostner, 1943. Shadolc, 1814. (tie) Gerg and Schneider, 1786. Cavagnoud, 1607. Obermoser, 1398. Putzer, 1319. Merlin, 12810. Dorfmeister, 111 -30. Clark, 1948. Mendes, 2