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Going Green: A Good Wind Blowing

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As fears about global warming heat up in ski country, more and more resorts are doing their part to support renewable energy, typically by purchasing wind power credits to offset their electricity consumption.

Last summer, Massachusetts' Jiminy Peak brought the concept closer to home by installing its own on-site electricity-generating wind turbine. It's the first ski resort in North America to do so. The big spinner, named Zephyr, will produce about half of Jiminy's annual electricity needs, keeping 7 million pounds of CO2 emissions out of the air. And it'll crank out the most power during the windy winter, just when Jiminy needs it.

But the move is about more than jumping on the green-is-good bandwagon. "After Hurricane Katrina hit, our electricity bills went up 50 percent," says CEO Brian Fairbank. "The turbine made economic as well as environmental sense."



New Spyder Race Suit

A New Speed Suit, Tested in a Wind Tunnel

Sorry for more ski racing news, but it's an Olympic year and we can't help ourselves. Spyder has announced a new, more aerodynamic speed suit, which will be worn by the U.S. and Canadian ski teams at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. If nothing else, read this to check out the nifty wind tunnel video.