Golden Child

Vibe, Feb 2005


Tammra Broughton


dj sprout





Claim to Fame: Tammra Broughton relocated to Golden, B.C., from Lake Louise, Alberta, in 1999 in search of the steep and deep powder at what is now Kicking Horse Resort. She found it, but she couldn't find the party. "There was pretty much nothing to do but check out the stripper of the week at the Roadhouse Tavern," she says, referring to the Main Street watering hole known to locals as the Lodge. So Broughton decided to jump on stage. But she didn't peel off her skivvies; instead, she convinced the Lodge's manager to let her spin records (though not during strip shows). And with that, the small but ambitious DJ scene in Golden was born.

SMALL NAME, BIG "T": Broughton's stage name, dj sprouT (the capital letter is for "Tammra") stems from her diminutive size-she's a wee four-foot-eleven-and her high-school nickname, Sproutin' Broughton (it rhymes).

DIAGNOSIS? DE-LICIOUS: When she's not laying down eclectic soundtracks at the five bars she regularly plays, Broughton can be found in Calgary, where she's studying holistic nutrition. She also runs Golden Delicious Productions with her fiancé, Jeremy Green, and local turntablist Robin Aird (DJ Threesixty). Founded in 2000 as a DJ collective and event production company, the outfit has built a reputation for hosting some of Golden's wildest parties.

SHAKEN, STIRRED, BLURRED: Each February, Golden Delicious throws License to Kiss, a secret-agent-themed Valentine's Day party. Women dressed as fembots party with tuxedo-clad jibbers, ponytailed bark-chewers, and (mostly) flannel-wearing sledheads. "People you wouldn't normally see dancing are just givin'er," says Broughton, using her best Canuckese to describe the sordidness. "Big burly frickin' mechanic dudes kissing and hugging the ladies-and just loving it."

THE NEW METROSEXUALS: "There will always be a redneck element in Golden," says Broughton, whose sets include everything from '70s disco to progressive house to KISS. "But that's what makes it awesome. Where else can you find redneck ravers?"-Kevin Arnold

February 2005