Grateful for Ebay

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Ebay is a hotbed of activity for skis, but would you bid $910 for an 11-year-old pair-out of date and unmounted at that? If you're a Grateful Dead fan, absolutely. Three limited-edition Dead-themed skis have recently commanded high prices on the web.

Manufactured in 1992 by Olin and K2, each model was adorned with colorful designs including skulls, roses, "Steal Your Face" insignia, panthers, lizards, rainforests, and-of course-the Grateful Dead logo. A portion from the original sales of the skis (list $550 in '92) went to rainforest-protection efforts. The rarest ski, Dark Star, part of K2's 5500 series with then-cutting-edge "Radical Slalom Sidecut," yielded that $910 bid on eBay.

"I doubt the vast majority of those models were ever skied on," says K2 vice president and general manager, Tim Petrick. "Most of them just hung on walls somewhere."