Health and Fitness Survey: The Results


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And now, the final and complete results of SKIING’s 2001 Health and Fitness Survey:

If no one’s looking, do you still wipe down the StairMaster (or treadmill, or bench-press machine …) after you’ve sweat all over it?

Describe your typical ski day lunch:
-Sandwich or other brown-bag goodie that you brought from home35.5%
-Burger and fries or chili or other cafeteria lunch35.2%
-Energy bar or other portable snack on the chairlift14.2%
-Some kind of salad0.5%
-Usually a combination of all of the above, including snack bars, energy bars, PB&Js, and a piece of pizza0.5%

Do you stretch before skiing?

How many days a week do you exercise to get or stay in shape for skiing?
-3-4 days48.4%
-5-6 days25.7%
-1-2 days16.8%
-7 days3.8%

Describe your current level of fitness:
-I can ski a full day and still walk without a limp the next day78.3%
-The gym has asked me to teach the Tae-Bo class10.3%
-My ski pants just barely fit8.2%
-The U.S. Ski Team is holding a spot for me3.3%
-Total couch potato (in fact skiing sounds a lot like work…)0.0%

Which exercise would you rather do?
-12-ounce curls9.0%
-Bench press1.1%
-Mountain biking0.5%
-Racquetball, stair climber, weights0.5%
-Road and mountain bike a combined 7000 miles in summer0.5%

When you’re on a ski trip, do you usually indulge in a professional massage (the legal kind, that is)?

At the end of the ski day, what’s your drink of choice?
-Sports drink (Gatorade, PowerAde…)12.4%
-Hot chocolate0.5%
-Water, beer and/or soft drink, depending on the day.0.5%

When you’re skiing do you use sunscreen?
-Most of the time37.9%
-Yes, all the time (even if it’s a whiteout blizzard)21.3%
-Never (I’m all about bronze)10.1%

Have you ever injured your knee while skiing?

What’s the #1 reason you stop skiing and head into the lodge?
-You’re tired26.9%
-You’re hungry17.1%
-You’re cold15.5%
-You’re thirsty11.7%
-The lifts close10.0%
-You have to go to the bathroom2.3%
-The people I’m with want a break0.5%

Do you ski with a helmet?

On sunny days, what’s your eyewear of choice?


-55 or older4.0%

A special thanks to all who participated.