Hey Girls, Let's Ditch The Guys and Go Skiing

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$5 at your local grocery or $20 for 100 precooked slices at omahasteaks.com  My mom tried to be a vegetarian once, back in the early ’90s. She would have made it, too, if it hadn’t been for bacon. Something about the smell, the sizzles and pops, and that salty, oily awesomeness that melts on the tongue made her cave. I’ve met committed vegetarians who speak longingly of bacon, as if remembering an old friend who passed away. My former boss used to call bacon “manfruit,” probably because men tend to eat it as if it commands a large segment of the food pyramid. But I looked up “manfruit” on UrbanDictionary.com, and what I found made me never want to use that term to describe my beloved fried pig strips. A belief I do share with my old boss, however, is that there’s no better breakfast before a long day of skiing than a few strips of bacon and a bowl of oatmeal. Cooked oats provide carbs for sustained energy, and bacon keeps you feeling full. I prefer uncured bacon, because I’m afraid of sodium nitrite, but do as you wish. And if you’re packing for a long tour, nothing saves stove fuel and fortifies those morning quesadillas like precooked bacon. —Sam Bass, Senior Editor, Skiing Magazine

Hey Ladies. Looking to polish up your skills or are you just tired of waiting for all the guys? Well why not join your other fellow gender members and checkout the women's-only ski clinics across the country. Perfect your technique, rip it up, bond with the girls, and then go back and show-off to your friends. No Y chromosomes allowed.

Alpine Meadows, CA--Women's Ski Programs

Noteworthy: Video analysis; apres ski parties; gourmet dinnersContact Info; 800-441-4423Dates: 3-day; 1/12-1/14, 1/26-28, 3/15-17; 5-day: 2/7-11Cost: 3-day: $398; 5-day: $580; lifts included

Squaw Valley, CA--Just For Women Clinics

Noteworthy: Small classes; video analysis; focus on body awareness; lunch; social events Contact Info: 530-583-6985 Dates: 1/12-14, 1/26-28, 2/9-11, 2/23-25, 3/1-3, 3/15-17, 4/7-9 Cost: $485; lifts included

Mt. Bachelor, OR--Women's 2-Day Clinics

Noteworthy: Clinics focus on new skills Contact Info: 800-829-2442 Dates: 1/8-1/9, 2/12-13, 3/11-12, 4/8-9 Cost: $169; lifts included

Whistler, BC--Ombrelle Stephanie Sloan Women Only Ski Clinic

Noteworthy: Focuses on bumps, gates, steeps, and powder; video analysis; stretching; gourmet picnic; Salomon demo skis Contact Info: 604-932-3434 or 800-766-0449Dates: 1/7-9, 1/17-19, 1/31-2/2, 2/14-16, 2/19-21, 2/25-27, 3/3-5, 3/10-12Cost: $249C plus GST; lifts included

Breckenridge, CO--Women's Ski Seminars

Noteworthy: Guest speakers; video analysis; complimentary luncheon; apres ski party and banquet.Contact Info: 970-453-5000Dates: 3-day: 1/19-21, 2/24-26, 3/9-11; 4-day: 2/2-5Cost: 3-day: $425; 1st-time skier: $350; 4-day: $550; 1st-time skier: $475; lifts included

Snowmass, CO--Women's Ski Seminars

Noteworthy: 4-day seminar taught by PSIA-certifies female pros; video analysis; on-mountain picnic and party Contact Info: 970-923-1227 or 800-525-6200 Dates: 1/17-20, 1/24-27, 2/7-10, 2/21-24 Cost: $299; lifts not included

Vail/Beaver Creek, CO--Her Turn Skiing Programs

Noteworthy: Small groups; video analysis; small groups; demo latest shaped skis, apres ski parties, on-mountain lunch Contact Info: 970-476-3239 or 800-525-3875 Dates: Vail: 2/11-13, 3/24-3/26; Beaver Creek: 1/28-30, 2/25-27 Cost: $480; lifts included

Taos Ski Valley, NM--Women's Weeks

Noteworthy: Continental breakfast; equipment seminar; video analysis; stretch session; apres ski party Contact Info: 505-776-2291 Dates: 1/9-14, 1/30-2/4, 3/5-3/8 Cost: 5-day: $355; 6-day: $426; lifts included

Okemo, VT--Women's Ski Spree Programs

Noteworthy: Massage service; welcome party; complimentary breakfast and lunch daily; free basket rental and ski check Contact Info: 802-228-4041 Dates: 3-day: 1/7-9, 2/4-6, 3/10-12; 5-day: 1/10-14, 1/24-28, 2/28-3/3 Cost: 3-day: $369; 5-day: $499; lifts included

Sugarloaf, ME--Women's Turn Clinics

Noteworthy: Video analysis; lunch; guest speakers; social events Contact Info: 800-THE-LOAF Dates: 5-day: 2/7-2/11; 3-day: 3/10-3/12; 2-day: 1/22-23; 1-day: 2/26, 3/25 Cost: 5-day: $635; 3-day: $340; 2-day: $230; 1-day: $119; lifts included

Sunday River, ME--Women's Turn Clinics

Noteworthy: No frills; six hours of on-snow coaching.Contact Info: 207-824-5080Dates: 2-day: 1/29-30, 3/2-3/3; Wednesday Workshops: 1/5-3/29Cost: 2-day: $125; lifts included; Workshop: $30; lifts not included

Waterville Valley, NH--Women's Retreat Program

Noteworthy: Video analysis; mental training; focus on new skills; apres-ski activities; wine and cheese party Contact Info: 603-236-8311 Dates: 2/14-16 Cost: $275; lifts not included

Crested Butte, CO--Kim Reichhelm's Women's Ski Adventures

Noteworthy: breakfasts, lunches, welcome and awards dinners, video analysis, product demos, and mini fashion showContact Info: 970-349-2390 or 800-544-8448 Dates: 1/13-18, 1/24-29, 2/20-25, 3/6-11Cost: $900; lifts included