Hot List: October 2003

Hot List


Your average ski pole has as much sex appeal as Boy George naked, so we got pretty lathered up over K2’s 6 Speeds ($99). Check it out: chrome trim, elegantly-stitched black leather grips, and grey-on-black striped carbon fiber. The things are downright randy. Suddenly we’re daydreaming about go-go boots and torrid nights outside of Des Moines, Iowa (maybe that’s just us?). Probably has something to do with the trick bottle opener that comes with the 6 Speeds.

Gore-Tex City

Now that we’ve got Gore-Tex in our dental floss, dress shoes, and guitar strings, we shouldn’t have been surprised when companies like Banana Republic and Polo started incorporating the stuff into their trench coats and cashmere-blended jackets. But, we were-and these high tech, higher-fashion threads aren’t bad looking, either. Now, you wouldn’t catch us prowling Mad River Glen’s Mad Mountain Tavern in this stuff, but we’re pretty confident they might help us hook up in Aspen.

Bark and Beacon

Most ski-town mutts we know seem to fend for themselves pretty well. But if you’ve got a desperate desire to keep track of your hound, pick up Ortovox’s D1 Doggy Xmitter ($85). Developed for rabbit-hole-diving hunting dogs in Europe, the unit will be available to consumers stateside this year. Strap the Zippo-sized gizmo on Lucky, and neither a deep tree well nor your neighbor’s promiscuous poodle can keep you apart. And, yes, until the furballs develop opposable thumbs and learn to talk, the D1 can only transmit.