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Hour 5 of the Snowbird-Jackson Tram Off

2003 Tram off

At the end of the 5th hour, the team at Snowbird takes the lead by 6,860 vertical feet. Showing no sign of fatigue, the women have just completed their 22nd run, calculating a combined total of 255,200 vertical feet.

At the same time, the team at Jackson has just completed their 15th run, logging in a total of 248,340 vertical feet. They experienced a quick pause in the competition as the Jackson tram stopped for two minutes.

With one hour left to go, both teams are going strong, keeeping up their energy by drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of nutients.

Total Powerbars Consumed:
Jackson Team: 12
Snowbird Team: 10

Total Packets of Energy Gel Consumed:
Jackson Team: 15 packets
Snowbird Team: 17 packets

Total Bananas Consumed:
Jackson Team: 14
Snowbird Team 10

Total Kit Kats Consumed:
Jackson Team: 9
Snowbird Team: 12

Total Powerades Consumed:
Jackson Team: 21 bottles
Snowbird Team: 18 bottles