How To: 360

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How to 360

With any spin with a grab, always focus on the rotation first. So, I set for a 360 and it's super important that I don't even think about the grab. Once I'm in the air, and the spin feels good, then I go for the grab. Only focus on the grab then. Look at the tail first. Look behind you and take your time to find your ski. Once I get a good hang of it, then I try to tweak it like crazy. It's all separate.

[INTERACTIVE_SLIDESHOW]First spin, then look and reach, then tweak the hell out of it. Then, you spot your landing. And you land it. When you nailed it is when you look at your landing and you're still comfortable enough to keep holding it. Let go as late as possible. If you grab and let go and you're still super high, it's not going to look good. You're not trying to let go at any point. Don't even talk about letting go. If you forget to let go, you're pretty stupid. It's kind of know the tuck a little ball. It would be like an iron cross for freestyle skiing. Kind of inbetween that. A tucked up iron cross. When you cross, the tail goes to the outside, it's easier to reach. Plus, it's pretty. Big bonus. I grab the same way that I spin. I grab my tail and I pull it into the spin. So, I grab my right tail with my right hand. I pull everything over to the left. This sounds pretty good, I tell ya.

The Steps

Take off.

Set your spin, spin only.

Tuck cross.

Look, reach.

Grab, pull into your rotation.

Hang time, feels good, you're hanging out.

Look over to my left shoulder, spot landing


For more style bonus, when I grab and pull, I keep looking over my right should for as long as I can while pulling into my spin before I look over my left shoulder for my landing.