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How To: Alley Oop Flatspin 540

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Keep pressure on the front of your boots when leaving the pipe. Begin turning your body up the hill to a 90-degree angle. As your body begins to turn, allow your feet to come up to the same level as your head. By now your body should be turned 90 degrees.[INTERACTIVE_SLIDESHOW]

From this flatback position turn to your stomach and spot the ground. Your body should naturally rotate.

If you aren't grabbing now then grab. If you can't grab, at least remain in a stylish tucked position. Keep your composure and stay committed to your rotation. Start thinking about your landing and completing the rotation.

Let go of the grab and begin putting your arms in front of you. Take your eyes off the ground, and turn to face your landing. Stomp your landing with your hands in front, vision up, and pressing the tranny. Congrats, you're now 10 times the pimp you used to be.