How To: Back Flip with a Mute Grab

Private Lessons

1. Similar to a spin, it's important to think only about the flip first, then the grab, then the tweak, then the landing.

2. Set your flip like a tuck, only with more rotation then you need, because you're about to screw your momentum up.

3. As soon as you've set your tuck, go for the grab as quickly as possible. You want to be tucked and grabbing before the first quarter of your rotation is complete.

4. Once you've gotten the grab, arch your back as much as possible. This turns your tuck back flip into a layout back flip and slows your rotation down a lot, which is why you need to set with more rotation than you need.

5. After you've arched your back, you'll be able to spot your landing really quickly. I tend to point at mine. See?

6. Once your feet pass the top of your rotation, it's time to get ready to land.

7. Stomp the landing.

8. If you've forgotten to let go of the grab, you're not that smart.