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How To: Backcountry 360 Toxic

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Come into the jump with good speed to ensure good flight time.Focus on the lip of the jump as you approach the jump.

As you ride off the lip, drop your inside shoulder and begin rotating in the direction that is most comfortable for you. Keep it smooth so you don't over rotate.

As you begin to rotate, keep looking down and over your lead shoulder. At this point you should reach for your grab.

Hold your grab throughout the rotation of the trick while always looking down and over your lead shoulder, spotting your landing. As you reach 270 degrees make sure you've spotted the landing and that you have enough rotation to land straight down the hill.

Let go of your grab and position your body for the landing. You want your weight slightly back on your tails. As you land you want to absorb the landing. Stick your landing, hike back up, and do it again with a different grab. Once you can stick a 360 with style, try spinning the opposite way or taking the trick to 720.