How To: D-Spin 720

Private Lessons

First of all, a D-Spin is in between a back full and a corked 720. Make sure you can do back flips and 720s before you start learning this trick, and wait for a powder day.

When you take off, turn your head and drop your shoulder down to the left (or right) as if you're looking back at the take-off of the jump. Set the rotation pretty hard at the start. Tuck up once you're in the air and your skis will naturally cross. To add a tail grab, set the move, cross your skis and twist them in the direction you're rotating (so that your tail is easy to grab), then just reach out and give it a tweak. When you feel you've completed one rotation try to spot your landing. If you get really inverted it will be straight ahead. If you're more corked, like Philou is here, you'll have to keep rotating to straighten out.Once you've got your eyes on the landing, just stretch out and prepare for touchdown.