How To: Lincoln Loop 180

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[INTERACTIVE_SLIDESHOW]As with any trick, you have to be patient and wait for the lip, then pop straight up. Once you clear the lip, initiate your Lincoln Loop by swinging your right arm down toward the heel of your left ski. That arm will generate the momentum to carry your skis up and over like clock hands. Grab your left ski under the heelpiece of the binding and try to tweak it out.

During that right hand to left heel motion, remember two things:

First, get your left hand out to help set your rotation and serve as a pointer to keep your body going in the correct direction.

Second, remember that your tips should always be facing forward during the loop. If you start to look backward you will do something that is more like a Rodeo flip.

As you come around out of the Lincoln Loop rotation, spot your landing. Finally, throw out your hips to bring your body around that extra 180 degrees. That gives you the fakie landing.

As you touch down, try to look at the landing and set your tips down first. Ride it out fakie so the girls know how cool you really are.