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How To: Pond Skim

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Pond Skim

Watching a pond-skimming contest brings forward two distinct types of people: those who want to try it and those who think plunging into ice-cold water is a ridiculous idea. If you're the former and the latest group of sun burnt, semi-clothed, pond huckers inspired you to enter your local pond skimming contest, then check out the instructions below to master the art. Thanks to Jackson Hole's Kina Pickett and his successful skim, you don't have to wing it. Follow his instructional slideshow and SKIM to WIN!



Vail hosts the World Pond Skimming Championships on April 18 during their Spring Back to Vail festival. With two season passes to the winner, the level of ludicrous outfits and ingenious new ways to cross the water is high. With 100 feet to skim, a kicker entrance, hundreds of beer-swilling spectators (and competitors) packed into days of free concerts and spring partying, this is one pond skim festival you don’t want to miss. The pond-skimming is limited to a field of 75, so register online if you want to do it.

Pond Skimming: Where To Do It, How to Do It

The ski season may be winding down, but that means that pond-skimming season is just beginning. We’ve got tips on how to become a pond-skimming pro and what ski resorts host the best ponds and spring festivals to display your newfound prowess. —Brigid Mander


Pond Skimming Picture Bonanza

As the snow melts, resorts everywhere are celebrating the end of the season with the time-tested tradition of pond skimming. Enjoy these hilarious photos of the costumed, intoxicated antics of spring.