How To: S-Rail to Fakie

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How To

This trick is easier to do going fast, but the key is to make it with less and less speed so it looks smoother and smoother.[INTERACTIVE_SLIDESHOW]For me, it's easier to come straight at the rail. Some people like to come from the side, but if you come straight, you only have to worry about getting your weight set, not about hitting on the right part of the rail.

On the first part of the rail you have to keep your skis on the inside of the first curve but your shoulders on the outside, so you're leaning over the rail a bit. Stay low to keep your balance. Don't put your arms over your head. Keep them below your shoulders.

As you come out of the first curve, tip your skis over and into the next one, so they line up with your shoulders.

If the speed is right, everything should flow through. Get ready for the exit.

Your weight is already forward, so coming out fakie should be natural. Just let your tails come around.

Make sure your style is clean coming out, and also that some filmer is following you so you can prove to all your friends how rad you are.