How To Take Ski Photos: Equipment

Fall Line

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Markewitz usually carries 50 pounds of gear in a custom-designed backpack by Wave Products, a Salt Lake City shop. His arsenal includes:

>2 Nikon F5 cameras (1)

(one will be enough for most people). “It shoots at eight frames per second-pretty fast. To shoot sports, you need a fast motor drive, which is the mechanism that moves the film through the camera.”

>8 to 10 lenses (2)

, usually ranging from 16 or 20 mm (a wide angle, optimal for in-the-trenches shots, “like when you’re sitting right under the jumper”) to 300 mm (a telephoto, good for close-ups taken from a distance). If you only want to carry one all-purpose lens? “A 50-mm lens is standard,” says Markewitz.

>Minolta Flashmeter 5 (3)

hand-held light meter

>30 to 40 rolls of Kodak or Fuji color film (4) , mostly 100 speed. “People think 400 is better for action sports, but it can get grainy,” Markewitz says. “The exception is when it’s getting dark-then you could go up to 400.”

>Extra batteries for everything (5)

>Tripod Optional