How To: Wallride To Fakie Rock

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"Having your weight centered on wallrides means you're constantly adjusting between your toes and your heels. The stall is more toes, the fakie drop in is more heels.

Check out the slideshow below for pictures of the moves.



Approach the wall in your B-boy stance, meaning gorilla steez for all you new-school punks: knees bent, arms forward, like you're going to hit a mogul kicker. Ha!


Once your ski tips hit the wall, you have to make sure you're centered or you'll end up doing a body slide across the wall.


After getting the first steps down, you'll approach the top of the wall. You have to be on point, so don't be straight rolling too fast or you're going over the back—too slow and you won't be able to stall on top.


Assuming you have the right amount of speed, you'll stall on top and get ready to drop back in fakie. This is a little weird at first. Make sure your weight is centered, and it's all about committing. If you look over your shoulder, you'll do a 90-degree faceplant. Give a little pop off the top.


Keep your shoulders and head looking straight ahead, and you'll ride away smooth.