Huttary Overtakes Cline in Skier X

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Women's X Games Skiier X

Aspen, CO Jan. 24, 2004 (ESPN) -- Karin Huttary (Innsbruck, Austria) knew exactly what she was up against -- a legendary figure in Women's Skier X. And the up-and-comer, only in her second year of competition on the skicross circuit, knocked mainstay Aleisha Cline from her perch atop the podium for her first Winter X Games gold.

"I just skied very well," said Huttary. "Flat-out better than last year (when I finished second to Cline). I didn't think I could beat Aleisha. I'm coming into turns a lot better and was just able to pass everyone."

Which included Cline (Whistler, BC Canada), who cruised to golds in four out of the last five years and was forced to settle for silver.

"I was really happy about the race," she said. "It was a great race with a lot of pushing and shoving at the beginning. You couldn't ask for a better race. I would have liked to have gotten gold, but I can share."

Eighteen-year-old Sanna Tidstrand (Sorsjon, Sweden) bettered her eighth-place finish of last year with a bronze medal run. "It was a good race," Tidstrand said. "Everyone was really fighting. At the beginning I was first out and wasn't hitting the turns. Then everyone started to creep up on me. But I'm still very excited."

WOMEN'S SKIER X - Final Results

Final Results from Aspen/Snowmass on January 24, 2004 (with times)

1. Karin Huttary (56.844)
2.Aleisha Cline (56.245)
3.Sanna Tidstrand (55.741)
4.Ophelie David (56.471)
5.Angela Senftinger (56.579)
6.Magdalena Jonsson(56.911)
7.Anik Demers(56.960)
8.Sasa Faric (57.683)
9.Valentino Scuotto(58.217)
10.Ashleigh McIvor (57.393)
11.Martina Rentschler (60.719)
12.Vickie Bates (57.783)
13.Asia Jenkins (60.825)
14.Irene Neuhaus (61.020)
15.Erin Boucher (63.310)
16.Katie Deist(65.021)
17.Marni Yamada (65.872)